What is Eat to the Beat?

Eat to the Beat is a spirited promotion that features maximum flavor in the dining hall while paying homage to iconic music and song lyrics! Whether they are catchy and clever, lighthearted and uplifting, solemn and serious or something different entirely, those lyrics often play an important role in our lives. From now until the end of November, you’ll see how song lyrics and music genres have made their way onto our menus and inspired fun activities that allow you to de-stress and even test your knowledge. While the music that you listen to on a walk to class or during a study session might be quite different from the music your peers enjoy while relaxing on the quad, one truth is certain: There’s no better way to enjoy your favorite song lyrics than by hearing them pump through a comfortable pair of headphones or ultramodern wireless speaker. Cue the Can’t Beat That Sweepstakes!